Cache 001 Pacou - Solid Ground

Cutting date was June 10th 2005 @ D&M in Berlin.

CACHE cut1 CACHE cut1
CACHE cut1 CACHE cut1

On June 18th 2005 the label design is laid out.

On June 22nd 2005 the first test copies arrived from the pressing plant.

CACHE 001 label

Here are mp3 clips of the first release:

A-Side 1 "X-Factor"

A-Side 2 "Phoenix"

B-Side 1 "Phoenix Steve Rachmad Mix"

B-Side 2 "Transversal"

The finished copies were out on September 7th, 2005.
Thanks to everyone who helped this project, NEWS, dkbn, Tresor, handlewithcare.

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