Cache 009 Deepchord & Mike Huckaby - The Detroit Remixes

Cache 009 holds 2 remixes of classic Pacou tracks, reshaped and re-modelled by 2 of the hottest producers from Detroit: Mike Huckaby (known from his Synth label and earlier release on Cache) and Rod Modell, the man behind deepchord – that blueprint dub techno sound.

This release follows a previous collaborative release of deepchord on Pacous earlier "LL" label, which turned out to be a classic as many of deepchords own (now very rare) vinyl releases, from around 8 years ago. Like good wine, they aged with grace and led to a great comeback for Modell recently. He finally fulfills the high demand for new output with stunning cuts on Modern Love, echospace and other highly rated labels.

Huckaby now needs no further introduction as the man behind scenes in Detroit, steadily building his position as producer of Detroits very own definition of House sound. Every now and then since the mid-90s he crossed over to europe, playing some fantastic sets for the few "in the know". 2007 now he spent some months in Berlin and touring around Germany and greater Europe, firmly setting his name on the map.

A Side Sound of thought, originally "post minimal" track consisting of a fat leading bassline, gets a complete re-vamp with some surprising groovy percussion by deepchord.

B Side All it takes, from a driving techno track now a very clean signature Huckaby echo sound, striking quality that already made all of his works in-demand classics. This is a modern version of a musical Detroit-Berlin joint venture.

A side "Sound of Thought - Deepchord Remix"

B side "All it takes - Mike Huckaby Remix"

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Mastering by CGB @ D+M October 18th 2007

Release date March 2008

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