Cache 008 Jeroen - Retrospect EP

A side "Partial Simulation"

B side 1 "Circular"

B side 2 "Pacou remake"

Mastering by "D+M" Berlin Sept 4th 2007.

Cache 008 was recorded by dutch artist Jeroen Schrijvershof, and comes with a Pacou re-interpretation on B2. Jeroen started releasing music back in the mid-90s under several artist names, before founding his own underground imprint "search records". After more than 20 releases the label closed and he continued putting out material on different imprints, notably "Grammar Records" and Pacou's old "LL" label. He started a collaboration with Dimi Angelis called "Counterpart" and was signed to Jeff Mills Axis Records (both as Counterpart and solo), Audiosculpture Records and Steracs Ion Records.

The A side starts with some tightly sequenced offbeat sounds before a big, rolling 909 beat kicks in to accompany the light filtered piano-like theme sound. Like "carrot-and stick" the complimentary elements both please the ear and pacing relentlessly at the same time. B1 takes a more mellow approach with harp-like sounds and shining strings. This track immediately caught the attention of DJs when played out from CDR at Tresor Berlin and Space Ibiza in 2007. Lastly, Pacou contributes a re-interpretation (not a direct remix), maintaining the style and direction of the single while adding a nice realminimal (ala Robert Hood) flavour. The release date : February 2008.

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