Cache 003 Sebastian Kramer - Sunwarriors

S. Kramer

Cache 003 is by german producer Sebastian Kramer (aka Redshape). He already released stuff on Pure Plastic (run by Mark Broom, Dave Hill), 2 singles on Coda (run by James Ruskin) and his on label Content, recently on some small spanish imprints and Vince Watsons "Bio" label. He has been producing music since the mid-90s and ran a techno club for a couple of years before. Now he specializes in techno with different flavours, ranging from strictly DJ/ dance-oriented to soundscape-like tracks. The single on Cache marks his departure from a close-range sound that was defined by the labels he was assigned to until now. Tracks on this 12" cover different flavours of 4/4 beat dance music, with a strong reference to Detroit Techno.
The first whitelabels have arrived on May 10th, 2006.

Cache003A CACHE 003B

Here are mp3 clips of this release:

A-Side 1 "M 51"

B-Side 1 "Sunwarriors"