Cache 007 Pacou + Mike Huckaby - Sessions

All sessions were recorded May 2007

Mike Huckaby's momentum as a DJ has been growing world wide since 1992 with many essential bookings worthy of mention ... including London's Ministry of Sound, Club Yellow in Japan, Club Tresor in Berlin, the 1997 Love Parade, and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.
Spinning a top-drawer mix of house and techno, Huckaby always gives the people what they want: a right party. Mike Huckaby is mostly known for his recordings on Harmonie Park, under the "Deep Transportation" title. Recently he launched another label project called "SYNTH", his collaboration and remix with Rod Modell (deepchord) has become an instant underground anthem.
When he came to Berlin earlier 2007 for a small club tour, the direction for this release was set. Similar to earlier production work with Juan Atkins, Pacou provided the studio and recording environment and several session takes were laid down after hours of sound shaping and beat programming.
The result is a stunning 3 track single, in the vein of classic planet E, Basic Channel and 3 Chairs productions. A fruitful venture into the crossing zone of deep house, techno and dub.

A side "Main mix"

B side 1 "Filter Mix"

B side 2 "Echo Mix"

Mastering by "D+M" Berlin August 17th 2007.

Release date October 22, 2007

label b

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